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Don't Say You Life for Love

by Gerald del Campo 2 months ago in love poems
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You don't know what that means

Nothing exists between us but smiles hiding the contempt. Frozen flames instead of passion, burning ice, and no regret. Double faces punish and reward while forked tongues tickle and sting, anticipating torment that only cruelty brings.

You say you pity hungry people while strutting your $100 latex-covered ass on the corner of Detonation Boulevard and Fascination Street. You look down on the disenfranchised in your cute boots, ripped pantyhose, blue-black hair, and powder-puff girl tattoos. The guys smell you cumming a mile away in the heat, like dogs anticipating tying the knot. You can say you live for the moment, that you are just having fun, that you refuse to grow up, just don't you say you live for love.

Pastel painted cell blocks, iron crib bars, and black and white striped pajamas from newly assigned government stand-ins. Another child lost in a sea of faceless heroes cries as he's taken away, destined to a warehouse of human flesh psychosis. Another kid sacrificed to the god of fifteen-minute parenting and back seat insemination. Your edible underwear doesn't make your candy-covered bitter promises any sweeter. You can say you thrive on the power trip, or that you like the emotional rush, that you like the taste of sausage. Just don't say you live for love.

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About the author

Gerald del Campo

Gerald Enrique del Campo is a poet, Jungian, philosopher, hermetic magician, shaman, mythologist, author, musician, mead maker, herbalist, foodie, motorcyclist and, all around nice guy.

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