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Don’t Go

by Frankie 2 years ago in sad poetry
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My internal hell

Why does it have to go?

Who says he should even know ..

I sit back

Breathe in and think

Of a little bassinet

Adorned in pink

Or maybe blue!

But that would be almost too good

to be true

Who says I have to be through ?

I could do it on my own

As I’ve done everything before

Just me and little me

But that pains me to my core.

How many times must I say goodbye

Crush a breath

Just so I won’t have to maintain a tie ?

On the certificate a blank space

Marked “Unknown “

Though that isn’t the case..

Would they resent me for a secret

So deep and painful I HAD to keep it..

There will always be that wonder,

that curiosity

Of who had helped me.

A breathing living being

Unfairly made from pain

And someone so mean

How to one day tell them

He just didn’t want me,

you see ..

But I wanted you

So badly !


That I kept

A deep dark secret

That perhaps makes me cowardly..

I stand up

Breathe in and think

Letting the pill

Roll down

Into the depths of the sink

Why should you have to go??

He’ll never have to know .

sad poetry

About the author


I have no pleasure in the stimulants in which I so madly indulge. It hasnt been in the pursuit of pleasure that Ive periled life and reputation, but a desperate attempt to escape the torturing memories, & a sense of insupportable lonelines

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