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Don’t get Hurt by Self

Love Thyself Strong…

By Ekta K. Kalra Published 4 months ago 3 min read

I know the wounds pain

they pain me too

but paining yourself more

for the wounds

is nothing new

why you discourage self

speak the uneven

to you.

let yourself to bloom!

let yourself to bloom!

enjoy your womanhood

like spring move

from tree to tree

enjoy the blessing

of new day

fro you

love yourself

love self more and more

like drops of dew

smile heartily

laugh aloud

your happiness makes me live

will announce

the Lord’s sound

your real Lord

is within Me

smile aloud

laugh heartily

this new day is you

submit yourself

to heaven

say sorry to self

if you hurt

be courageous

to welcome

your every valid


act only on your

very best thoughts

forget following

the other

you be your boss for the day

let there be joys

and sun rays

you follow

sympathy for self

if you ever go wrong

virtues smile as best

when set up

to be free

I know you cn reach

peak is nothing new

you just have to be


to live the

Me in You


step by step


storm after storm

you will grow


by your work

in this


counting self as lucky

repairing mind’s unrest

rest your head

on the lap of tree

feel the unspoken love

in new dreams

for you will win

you were born

to win

for the stars

of your destiny

are perfect

like your inner Me

you and I

in unrest and pain

don’t cry

don’t cry

but we build on the rocks

we carry the rocks

to build up very strong

our home

our home

smile says subconscious

for I am never leaving you

I am in you

you reside peacefully in me

if it hurts you

to speak

practice silence

if it pains the limb

to run

practice walk

but do not hurt the

Me in You

smile joyously

immensely you laugh

dance for this while

for you are my call

I want to see you happy

world is unfit for

to serve you

I am send

I am your Lord

within you

asking you

to be joyous

to be loving accord

smile without doubts in mind

without laughter don’t fall

you enjoy your every moment

you be the joy of all

You grow tall

you grow tall

Don’t submit to crawl

do not crawl

for life is yours

you are not for all

for there will be always few

waiting for your fall

but you are not to repeat

Any pain within

love yourself

love the Me within

if you stumble

on rock

do not blame the rock

never blame the you

gloom is not for you

gloom is not for you

you are for the records

for the most precious

stones of all

if you kick a stone

do not curse the storm

you rise above all

you surprise one and all

you smile heartily

joyously you laugh

your happiness

reflects your stars’ power

you don’t occupy

your mind

with dirt

work something new

every passing hour

learn something great

every passing hour

you are your power

forget the storm

live in peace always

you are your

stars’ highest power

for your ways

for your plays

for your joys

for your place

on earth and sky

you enjoy

each place

you be the grace

you be the grace

of whole earth

your stars’ have that power

you laugh heartily

you smile joyously

in your happiness

you dance

you sing

you don’t hurt the self

your self is fit to live

your self is fit to live

have the joy in heart

and love self

met or lost

you be in your joys

you are the power

you are the power


About the Creator

Ekta K. Kalra

I am in search of something inside of me which I know cannot be found outside of me. Real knowledge!

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