Don't Forget to Wear Flowers in Your Hair


Don't Forget to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

This life is not about living paycheck to paycheck.

It is not about working to make your bills.

It used to be easier to live without breaking the bank.

Now work is all we have.

We can't go anywhere we want, whenever we want.

We don't really have freedom to pick up a backpack of clothes and laptop, a few good books tomorrow and go to San Francisco wearing flowers in our hair.

We have to work.

We have to "be stable" for our children and be in one place; that is the expectation.

Some people still travel.

They are free.

They are not bound by expectations of others.

There are so many things we have to do.

We have to put our kids through school.

Even home schooling is illegal unless you utilize online or mailed in school work.

That is ridiculous.

Our schools don't really help us in the long run.

They compartmentalize subjects but they don't really teach us.

I was an A student most of my life.

I retained the information long enough to pass the tests and then I let it go.

It was a waste of my potential.

The things I truly learned about in my whole life were only things I enjoyed.

I learned most about the theatre and writing poetry in my senior year of high school.

I learned how to paint in college.

I learned things that added to my creative passions in my life.

Recently I've learned how to weave dreamcatchers.

Someday soon I want to learn how to tie dye and do henna tattoos.

I want to make money making things for people.

I want to make lives better making gifts that people can cherish because it was hand-made special for them.

I want to be free from my prison of a 9-5 slavery.

I want to travel.

I want my children to grow up with me teaching them to love people with all their hearts.

I want to teach my children how to read and how to learn history for themselves so they are not doomed to repeat it.

I want to teach them how to question things that don't make any sense, and not be naive.

I want my children to have a passion about being free and loving.

I don't want them to ever feel trapped into a place that was set for them in society.

I want them to take lots of pictures but also be able to know when pictures are not needed to remember a beautiful time.

Life is so beautiful.

I'm so done wasting it on being tired from having to waste a third of it not doing what I want to do.

We as human beings are meant to love and spread good feelings and have fun.

We are meant to laugh when things are funny.

And cry when things are sad.

But we are not meant to be slaves.

That is why there are artists and musicians and actors and comedians.

They are the humans who live their lives with as much passion as is in their hearts.

They travel.

They take pictures.

And they live.

This life that is beautiful and wonderful.

How does it work?
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