Don't Forget Me...

by Bianca Wargo 3 months ago in sad poetry

The pain of living with loved ones with dementia

Don't Forget Me...

Don't forget me...

I see every day

the lack of coherent sentences,

the things you see that aren't there,

the confusion and frustration when you can't go where you think you need to

because grandpa says you might trip and fall.

I see you forget how to button up your shirts.

I see you forget how to read certain things.

Please don't forget me...

I hear you saying you need to get home and take care of your kids...

but you are home,

and they're all near fifty years.

Don't forget me...

your granddaughter.

Don't forget me... please...

I know you won't forget about your love–

your passion–

for beautiful flowers and caring for them,

but I'm begging you...

Don't forget me.

sad poetry
Bianca Wargo
Bianca Wargo
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