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Don't Bother

Promises of Love

Don't Bother
Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

Don't Bother me with promises.

Vows are cheaply created,

come with no guarantees

at all, you know.

Don't bother saying you


me. A word which is undefined.

Happiness to some, terror

to others, depending on their

circumstances. There


proof that love

can make you live longer,

proof it can kill you sooner.

I think that it is

A Deadly

sickness. Or at least an

unknown ailment. Get it, and

you better take

your medicine as a


against the ravishing fire

alive in your heart and

soul. So you should be

careful so not


catch it, be imprisoned

in it's waste left behind.

Red heart decorations

meaning more than words

can really


any meaning to. Starting

out lovely and ending

up fugly; out of breath

noticing you lag


in the long run and

realizing you can't escape

fate twice in a row now

and running from love

leaves all of

A Ribcage

tensing, straining like the

bars of a jail cell

against superman's prying

hands. It's all


can do to hold it

together now. Don't

bother trying to fix the

bars when you


they are marred and

scarred beyond definition

by the undefinable word

and it's cheaply made

vows and promises


Don't bother.

Walking Travestys
Walking Travestys
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