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Don’t Be Pretty

by Velonna Patrick 2 months ago in performance poetry / surreal poetry / slam poetry / sad poetry
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A Poem

Image Courtesy of The Catalyst

It is a pity

that she was so pretty

that the shine of her pretty

made her cold.

All the warmth left her face

once the makeup was on and through

the sunglasses on no one really

gave a thought to her soul.

A cold little trinket

the perfect little doll

sat on the shelf to dust.

All the while she dusted

she stayed hush hush

and when she stayed hush hush

over time people forgot

her pretty and

forgot her cold

and soon enough she

never existed at all.

So if you ever find yourself

wanting to be pretty and

cold just remember how

people remember

the people who instead

of looking pretty were

warm and kind

and giving to the world

and instead of the pretty on

the outside what they remember

is the beautiful person

who insisted on existing

after all.

So don't be pretty

because pretty

is the doll on the shelf

left to dust and dust

and disintegrate into

nothing at all.

performance poetrysurreal poetryslam poetrysad poetry

About the author

Velonna Patrick

My credentials: BA in English Literature with an Emphasis in Creative Writing

Two minors: Psychology and Chinese Language and Culture

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Instagram: @velonnapatrick

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