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Dog Walker

by Duanyell Williams 5 years ago in sad poetry
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"Ugly Black Dog"

Nothing means as much to me as you

But you've changed my world's hues

Edge to edge is grey

Eroding and frayed when you leave me dismayed

I prayed

I prayed

I prayed that you would give me stability

But silly me.

I'm hexed, see?

You vexed me

Stressed me

And you test me

Pushing buttons

Jumping on nerves

Even as my train of thought swerves through the sepia sky

I would never dream of retaliation

Losing you in any relation

I would rather die

I'd quite possibly drown

'Cause my cup runnith over

Flooding streets all over my crumbling town

Coursing through this miserable floating block

Streaming over the ends of my decrepit lone rock

I walk the same route day in and day out

Round and round

'Til my feet bleed

'Til I face the ground

When I finally see rest around the corner

You come to me

You come to me with that damn black dog

You give me its grey leash

Insisting that I walk the beast

I take it

I take the leash, but I don't walk the dog.

The dog walks me with a collar of its own fashion

It breaks my spirit with passion

Declaws me & rips out my teeth

The thing stands tall above the water while I struggle to breathe.

It tells me all of my ugly truths.

Deconstructs the lies I tell to soothe my mind.

Threatens to change my water to base with Hydroxide.

I can't hide

Can't hide from you or the hound

It's finally gone now and I'm beaten down and broken.

But, I'm awoken.

I know that my situation's hopeless

All I can do is wait for duress

Violence at the hands of the black dog

The thing left me in the bog with my "leash" to chip away at my morale...

He may not realize it now, but he gave me a tool.

Now, I can get rest far away from the both of you.

sad poetry

About the author

Duanyell Williams

I like to tell stories.

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