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Do You wanna be My dirty valentine?

Sensual Journey of Love

By MT PoetryPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Do You wanna be My dirty valentine?
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The world doesn't know how to Love You dear,

Let me show You how it's done without any fear,

Your eyes have cried due to destiny's ploy,

Let me make it upto by giving You tears of joy,

Your ears have only heard songs of abuse,

Let me gently kiss it and allow Your desires to ooze,

Your soft lips have become barren,

Let me lock it with mine with intense passion,

Your neck bore strangulation marks caused by lies,

Let Me replace it with the warmest hickies.

The twin peaks of Your body hid behind clothes of shame,

Let Me slowly remove it using My tongue to write My name,

Your shoulders and back have been victims of anxiety,

With My bite marks, allow Me to mark My territory,

You have never felt the touch of romance,

Let me grab Your ass for its magnificence,

The intoxicated feeling of being high,

Is nothing compared to when I gently kiss Your thigh,

Your body would have withered in pain during adversity,

Experience the pleasure when My head is between Your legs to taste ecstasy,

Just hold Me close when I go all in,

Let Me keep You warm with the warmth of My skin, This love is clandestine,

Let's make it a dirty valentine

-----------------------------MT Poetry-----------------------------

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