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Do You Remember? Part One

by Megan Artus 3 years ago in love poems
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Young Love

"Do you remember when we first met? I sure do. It was some time in early September..."

Remember when we were shooting hoops? I went up to block you and our hands got intertwined and tangled up the second you released the ball. We turned red and laughed and laughed. You said that girls usually don't try blocking you.

Remember when I caught you laughing to yourself at Sammy's? Now you had to tell me the story of the first time you ever saw me.

I didn't even know there was such a story until then.

Remember when that nerdy boy asked your permission to dance with me at Swing? You narrowed your eyes, and told me afterwards that you didn't like him at all. I laughed.

He wasn't very nice anyway, he told me I was no good at following.

Remember when we said goodnight and I got into my pajamas after you had left, and when I'd just gotten settled onto the couch there was a knock on my door and there you were, 15 minutes later, standing in my doorway, holding my backpack?

My heart stopped and my breath got caught in my throat, I thought it was a dream.

Remember when we snuck into a practice room at the Snow and you attempted to give me a crash course piano lesson? When I asked you to play for me, you'd start playing beautifully and then stop and say it wasn't any good, that you were rusty.

I wished so badly that you would have never stopped, I could have sat side by side on that bench all night.

Remember when we went to the orchard on campus to pick apples, but instead ended up throwing them at each other because they were all mostly rotten? We only got a few to take back to my apartment and then we never ate them.

Remember when I lost the bet in regards to when the first snow would come? You called me in the middle of the day as I was walking to my next class to tell me that I had lost and to wish me a happy Monday.

I don't think you realize how flustered that made me.

Remember when I used to hate the song Everything but started listening to it on repeat just because you loved it so much? I had to sheepishly admit to you that I now loved it. Remember the way your eyes widened in excitement?

You were absolutely thrilled, especially that we coincidentally loved the same part.

"and I get to kiss you baby just because I can..."

Remember when we sat on the ground in front of Twizlberry to see which way we crossed our legs? To see if it happened to be different, like the way we fold our arms and clasp our hands is different?

Remember when you lost your keys at Porter Park while we were playing frisbee? I told you where I thought you should look but you insisted on looking everywhere else first. You finally suggested a prayer and they ended up being right where I said they would be? You said that you should try listening to me more often, and I agreed.

Just as you told me you had lost your keys, I said a silent prayer to myself.

Remember the night you were walking me home and it wasn't quite curfew so you decided we should just keep walking so that you didn't have to let go of my hand? I asked you what would happen if I were single when you got home and you told me that you'd take me on a walk like old times.

I'm still willing to take you up on that offer.

Remember how I love you but I couldn't bring myself to tell you since you would be gone for two years? I called you the night we said goodbye and left a message saying that I had forgotten to tell you something important.

That something important was- I love you.

"Well, all these times they come and go, we can't rewind, we're locked in time, but you're still mine..."

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