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by Danny 2 years ago in social commentary

Racist Upbringing

Tupac: “I'm not racist but lets trade places”,

We deal with discrimination on a daily basis,

Get called all sorts of names due to our faces,

Not just for colour, but even for brace’s.

Why are you perceived as better than me?

Why won't they let me be, what I work hard to be?

From sexism, racism and LGBT?

Why are there such things as certain minorities?

Some people live dreams and seem to be thriving

Whilst others' work screams but barely surviving

Why is there discrimination like racial profiling?

When we're all on the same path and hill that we're climbing

Equality is a topic that doesn't exist

But us 'minorities' like me, have to persist

Most of the time we may scrape the short list

Other times we meet the blacklist

You will always see us as less of a human being

We will always be the ones that need overseeing

A great idea but they will keep on disagreeing

All the while it's hurting our wellbeing

The perfect work depends on gender and race

I bring something to them, they look down in disgrace

Change the name, and the works welcomed with grace

In this day and age, this, we shouldn't have to face

It’s the ‘Minor’ in minorities that’s hard to digest,

Even falsely trying to help is an insult at best,

The rules of the world needs to be addressed,

Malcolm x: “the truth is on the side of the oppressed”

At one point in our lives we’ve all had to suffer,

We should all unite and look after each other,

From rainfall, winter, spring or summer,

At the end of the day we all bleed the same colour.

social commentary

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