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Do The Right Thing

When you do the wrong things you will pay twice.

Do The Right Thing
Image by Annelise Lords

When you give Kindness

But receive cruelty in return

As our world rage and everything seems to be going in reverse

Do the Right Thing!

When Love is your game

But hatred, prejudice, and injustice score the goal

And you witness the destruction as it unfolds

Do the Right Thing!

When Peace is your priority

But war, death, suffering, and pain unite with the majority

Disregarding the rules of law and those in authority

Do the Right Thing!

When Honesty becomes your job

While those in power are leading and inciting the mob

Unaware that greed and power can explode like a time bomb

Harming everyone, even the innocent, because greed doesn’t give a damn

Who you are or where you come from

Do the Right Thing!

When Understanding demands to be shown

And racism and intolerance are what they condone

Not considering other races, but only their own

Do the Right Thing!

When Unity is banging on the door

Begging to come in, instead, they ignore

By segregating, separating, violating, giving disunity the right to soar

Do the Right Thing!

When Tolerance demands to be heard

Against all atrocities that have occurred

Because certain races aren’t preferred

Do the Right Thing!

When Forgiveness is calling

And vows to save all who are falling

While evil is condemning and convicting

Do the Right Thing!

When power corrupts

Allowing violence to erupt

Dividing humanity

Hoping to sow discord, and reap insanity

But History won’t forget

Because it has recorded every time humanity is under threat

And even though many might show regret

History will repeat itself,

If you don’t believe me, make a bet!

But still, Do the Right Thing!

When we do the right things, we only pay once.

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Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoyed it.

Annelise Lords
Annelise Lords
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Annelise Lords

Annelise Lords is a writer of short inspiring, motivating, thought provoking stories that target and heals the heart. She is a Top Medium writer on Fiction. She is a Jamaican, married with children. She loves to think, read and write.

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