Do My Accomplishments Intimidate You?

I'm sure they do, it's why you hatin'

Do My Accomplishments Intimidate You?

oh snap, he did this

he did that

wait, what

who is this kid

oh no

he’s pretty scary

aw man, do my accomplishments intimidate you?

i hope they don’t

there’s no reason for them to

you see, i’m human just like you

don’t treat me lesser than that

what if someone does that to you

i don’t claim to be better than anyone,

i can only be better than myself

i just want to revolutionize the world

with the wisdom that has been passed down

to me for the past twenty something years of my lifetime

remember, i came from nothing

i was once a nobody

but i made a decision to become something

i wanted to become something

your kids could look up to

a role model, living proof that you can flesh out your dreams

no matter how big or small they are

do my accomplishments intimidate you?

if they do, well…

you need to go accomplish something, too!

Khali Raymond (savage writer)
Khali Raymond (savage writer)
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Khali Raymond (savage writer)

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