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Do i know what to say,

by Jeannine Kauffmann 4 months ago in heartbreak

the first word is the hardest sometimes.

Do i know what to say,
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Dennis, think about tomorrow. what should you do?

Octavia, I love your name. First time for me.

Isidore, are you in Lords of the Rings?

Ken, your laces are undone, you will,.. Too late!

Norbert, very posh and a bow tie too.

Alice with her hairband, living a lie.

Teddy, with just a half a name.

Tim is just this once, late for the rest of his life.

Otto has had enough but is there a way forward?

Dorothee found the other side of the rainbow. She never came back.

Andy does not like his name shortened. Such an insult!

Yvonne has a pair of new, glow in the dark shoes.


Jeannine Kauffmann

Poetry writer in the early morning. Poetry as a wake up call. Then later I draw lines and colours. I have a page on Instagram my art other than words although it contains words too. Titles are important to finish a piece like a full stop.

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