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Divide or Unify?

by Samuel Noble 4 years ago in social commentary
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A poem of conscious revolution.

This picture is so accurate and relevant. It's scary.

Government control



And conniving

With control

Enslave people


And bribing

Is there anything to like?

Divide or unify?

Divide and conquer


Make me somber

Blind converts

Going berserk

No transparency

Just hypocrisy

Be alert

And assert

No common folk

Or fortunates

Shall desert

Divide or unify?

The struggle is real

Establishments run this mess

Making it difficult to heal

Unwanted and liked more or less

Temptation can flutter minds

Just as control binds

Search deeply inside

Uproot any grounded vice

Is there more to like?

Divide or unify?

Rise and defy

Your exploited, programmed self

Expose the ills and nullify

Nefarious literature in the bigot's shelf

Yet you remained baffled by

Keeping the door ajar to burst out

Opening into an abysmal intolerance

Lies and rumors to feed your easily distracted mind

If you truly felt the weight of the world,

You'd comprehend the reality that enslaves you

Contains you and rearranges you

I have wished many truths untrue

And wished away the crude warping of our news

I've accepted that some contaminants

And vices are here to remain

But I will never ignore the voices in vain

While the oppressors persist

To vilify the conscious movements

We shall be persistent in our efforts

To deny the supposed "improvements"

The power rests with the people

A worthy compromise to like

Divide or Unify?

social commentary

About the author

Samuel Noble

I am an artist, environmentalist, musician, and writer. I enjoy writing about my passions or anything on my mind. Get to know me through each poem and each story, and come with me on this journey to build a conscious community for all.

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