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Dissolving into you.

by Nitin Dangwal 13 days ago in love poems

Your love

Dissolving into you.
Photo by Pietra Schwarzler on Unsplash


slowly, sublimely

into the wide sea

of your dulcet thoughts,

into the deep ocean

of your munificent memories.

Every other sound

drowned out,

every other sight

faded away,

only the blue

of your eyes


in all directions

about me,


I sinking into it,

slowly, gradually.

I wave my hands,


I feel the ether

of your being

around me,

touching me,

caressing me,

exciting every inch

of my body.

I feel rhythms

around me,

waves that make you

fill and furnish me,


the same cosmic rhythms

that make the stars blink,


to the bodily rhythms

that makes my heart beat.

As I fall farther

and deeper

into this

bottomless ocean

of your body,

into this

never-ending maze

of your gaze,

I feel

the entire world

dissolving into

a singularity —

into nothingness

that matters no more

now or ever,

after or before.

And now

all external light fades

all other songs vanish

but what remains

is only one thing —

the music that is you

is now the only music,

the light that is you

is now the only light.

And a calm


over my body

and I know

that I am no more


I am


into you,


in the image

that is you.

love poems

Nitin Dangwal

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Nitin Dangwal
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