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by Leandra Hays 4 years ago in sad poetry
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Everything breaks or fades.

Photo by Olenka Kotyk on Unsplash

I'm just a little disjointed

But I'll be okay

For I've discovered

You need a heart for it to break

I'm just little rundown

I've had a very long day

But like my mother always tells me

I'll be okay

I'm just a little hurt

That's all

Nothing to fear

Sometimes the future isn’t always clear

I'm just a little melancholy

Tears staining my eyes

But like I said every time

I'll be alright

I'm just a little unhappy

With my way of life

But it's okay

I'll just make a little change

Everything will be alright

I'm just a little numb

I can’t feel a thing

All the things they did and do

I was and am expecting

I'm just a little done

I'm over it

I know and I know

I haven’t seen the worst of it

Everyone going through struggles

And I'm just being melodramatic

I acknowledge my crime

I'm perfectly fine

I'll get over it

I'm just a little scared

Of taking on the world

I can't think straight

Too much on my plate

This year was a mess

I'm just a little bit aways from giving up

So leave it be

Like I say every time

I'm perfectly fine

I’ll dust myself off

I'll be alright

sad poetry

About the author

Leandra Hays

Leandra is a melodramatic poet and musician. She writes about anything and everything she has knowledge on, and even things she doesn't! A fan of superfluous words, philosophy, and the darkness of night.

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