Disarmed, Unruffled, Enchanted

by Violet P. Davies 12 months ago in love poems

One of my happiest high school verses. Think Disney meets Michael Bublé.

Disarmed, Unruffled, Enchanted

Your disarming grin was the first thing to tell me I'd better stay armed

Though I long to accept you as suave, sweet and straightforward, I can't let myself be charmed

I'm not concerned with protecting my virtue

And everything you've said so far has rung true

I'm not at all alarmed

But I hold tight for worry

Have I missed the mark completely?

How do you feel about me

We touch as if it were an accident, you don't seem to notice at all

You nickname me, gracefully, easily, picking me up out of the fall

And I know you've done all this before

I'm not special, there are countless more

Upon whom you could always call

So I bubble with worry

Have I fluttered out too early?

What does it mean

How do you feel about me

I don't dream about you at night

You don't distract nor detract nor retract from my day

You are a perfectly ordinary boy

But for one way

In which you stand far apart

You take care to make sure that it looks like you care about me

And that flimsy idea

Can tug at the edge of my heart

Oh, that disarming grin made sure that I knew that I had to stay armed

You are suave, sweet, and straightforward, but I'm still not charmed

You are close and I'm fizzing inside

But oddly, I have to confide

That I don't need to press too far

We could be grand

Or miles away

It means very little throughout my day

I just want to know

How do you feel about me!

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Violet P. Davies
Violet P. Davies
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