Disappointment Hymn


Disappointment Hymn

Some things you choose

to shake out of your mind,

One wish at a time.

What feels like cracking is making space

for immeasurable things

Even if you don’t believe that yet.

Don’t sit with your held breath

Telling yourself that

this is your fault or

nothing at all.


Tell yourself:

About all the lovely things

you never could have expected

When you opened your eyes for the first time.

Hold your second hand over your head

And squeeze it wrapped by the other

until you know

You will be able to come back down again.

Watch your hair fall before your face,

While you imagine yourself all in lace

On any day of the week.

Think how the birds would love your hair for their nests

If they weren’t too shy to ask.

Think how the waves will reach for your feet

when you see the water next.

Just think how nothing’s over yet.

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