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Digital Magic Poem

by The Sinister Pen 4 months ago in performance poetry

The power of our minds have no limit

Digital magic no limits to my mind

If you look deep into the matrix you can find all the dreams inside

Digital magic they tell me money won’t grow on trees

But it grows on sites as the dollars are create in the digital space

Cashing in on millions without a trace

Digital magic made it to they never even saw your face

Pulling strings from a dark room with a PC connected to the net, we are connected to humanity

All of a sudden we are magicians manifesting what we wish

digital magic made our dreams come true

Who ever thought we could have our own TV or radio show?

Life is a dream on a boat that we now row

As we are in control of our futures and our dreams are projected upon the world with the power of the typed word

Digital magic the future is now

We now can podcast and type from bed, no limit to the money we made when our dreams were said into the tablets

Digital magic and now the dream is here

Secrets of the grid found if you dig

but the truth was always out there

Digital magic no limit to your power or imagination

Let us live our dreams and get rich in this digital dream

performance poetry

The Sinister Pen

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