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Different Paths

a short poem

By HarleyPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Different Paths
Photo by Mike Walter on Unsplash

our souls were on different paths

no intention of crossing

yet they did.

two broken souls, both needing to be fixed

we found comfort in each other

slowly healing

holding onto the hope we could tape each-others pieces back together

yet we couldn’t.

our souls were on different paths

yet they intertwined with each other.

loving someone’s broken pieces hurts.

and love doesn’t end in happiness if someone decides to stop writing.

only one of us wanted to continue our story

the other threw their pencil away and tore up the papers

and i was left to pick up the pieces.

love poems

About the Creator


Hi, im 18 years old currently in college working towards my bachelors degree in English, inspiring to become an author. :)


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