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Died For Devil

Devil is a friend that guides you the wrong way!

By Tamseel HussainPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Don't ever follow a friend who wants you to do that, do what is right.

Died for devil

I have seen stars in your eyes

I heard voices of cars passing by

I can see those lies in your eyes

The water is coming out my eyes

Liars are laughing at me

My tears turn into fire

My fears are chasing me

I cannot find my other half


Tamseel Hussain


When we feel sad, we usually go to our closer friends, family, parents etc. I wrote this poetry because when i'm alone; i have nothing to do i write poems. I was listening a song few days ago by Alec Benjamin (DEVIL DOESN'T BARGAIN). That's where i got my idea for writing this. My poetry means when we have wrong friends we go after them, get wrong advices and we are lost and go into fights.. It's all about having a friend, that is different from inside and outside.

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Tamseel Hussain

Hey Random Person,

My name is Tamseel, and I am poetry writer, story writer. I write about what I see, think, and feel.

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