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Diamond Brilliance


By Ashish Kumar MauryaPublished 11 days ago 1 min read
Diamond Brilliance
Photo by Carlos Esteves on Unsplash

A diamond is forever, they say,

And its brilliance never fades away,

A precious gem that's pure and rare,

A symbol of love that we all share.

It sparkles and glitters in the light,

A sight that's truly a dazzling sight,

A reflection of beauty and grace,

A gem that time cannot erase.

From engagement rings to earrings and more,

Diamonds are the jewels we all adore,

A treasure that's been sought after for years,

A sign of love that's worth all the tears.

The diamond's brilliance is hard to compare,

Its radiance and sparkle beyond compare,

A gem that's been revered for ages,

A symbol of love that transcends all stages.

So let the diamond's brilliance light up your life,

And let its beauty calm all your strife,

For there's nothing quite like the sight,

Of a diamond that sparkles so bright.

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