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Dialogue Poetry on Marriage

Love It Is

By Gimalo Angel TVPublished 29 days ago 2 min read


In the morning light, you catch my eye,

A gentle smile, a tender sigh.

Together we've walked through years and days,

In love’s embrace, through life’s maze.


With every dawn, a promise new,

In your arms, my dreams come true.

We've faced the storms, the highs and lows,

Together as one, our love grows.


I remember the day we took our vow,

Under the sky, hearts unbowed.

Your hand in mine, we pledged our hearts,

In this dance of life, playing our parts.


Your words that day, a sacred song,

In your love, I found where I belong.

Through laughter bright and tears unspoken,

Our bond remains, never broken.


We’ve built a home, a sanctuary of peace,

Where our souls find a sweet release.

In every room, memories reside,

Of love’s journey, side by side.


Our children’s laughter fills the air,

In every corner, love’s echo there.

Through sleepless nights and endless days,

We’ve woven a tapestry, a love that stays.


Your strength has been my guiding light,

In darkest hours, through every fight.

With every challenge, we’ve found our way,

Hand in hand, come what may.


Your kindness is my constant star,

In your love, I've traveled far.

Together, we’ve written a story grand,

A tale of love, heart in hand.


As we grow old, and hair turns grey,

In your eyes, my youth will stay.

For every wrinkle tells a tale,

Of a love that’s weathered every gale.


In every line, a life well-lived,

In every touch, the love we give.

For in your heart, I find my place,

A love eternal, full of grace.


So here’s to us, through thick and thin,

In love’s embrace, we always win.

For in this union, strong and true,

I find my world, my all in you.


Together we stand, hand in hand,

In this beautiful, loving land.

With every step, in love’s grand parade,

Our hearts as one, forever stayed.


For in this dance of life, we see,

A union strong, eternally.

With love as our compass, we’ll always find,

In each other’s hearts, a love so kind.


About the Creator

Gimalo Angel TV

Gimalo-Angel Olowogoke is the Presenter and Producer of Space.com. She also Heads Environment Desk for LN247 Bulletins.

Space.Com Is A Program That Centers On The Environment And How It Affects The People Living In It.

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    GATWritten by Gimalo Angel TV

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