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Desert Wedding

On humbled knee wild donkeys bray

By Alix McMurrayPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Credit: Ultima_Gaina (via istockphoto standard license)

The bride our gluttony for the rain,

Receives on tongue one feather-flung seed,

One wafer in the whorl.

By pouring groom we drink her wine

Funneled down lowly canyon church

Puckering sand into a veil of lace.

On pews hewn shallow in bedrock

We lick pink conversation salt

As minds thirst on flaming dust.

Beneath the altar-shadowing rock

Tall tales pop like rice in the fire

And hang disbelief in a canopy of spume.

On humbled knee, wild donkeys bray

As they hoof after bouquets of butterflies

Joyfully drowned in sky-stark puddles.

The donkeys’ tongues dishevel the bride’s dusty plaits

Furrowed in a scorching aisle

To greet the groom who rains down drunkenly.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Alix McMurray

Come join me hanging out with the Dodo Bird on the beach, waiting for the odd chupacabra, or chasing shadows into corners. And you can read about my life as a therapist on Medium.com.

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  • Lisa A Lachapelle3 months ago

    Beautiful poem

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