Desert Rose

by Malissa Elaine 3 months ago in heartbreak

Resilience Through Brokenness

Desert Rose

Desolate.Barren is my mind, my heart, my spirit.Scrounging through the desert of our love

Left dry and wanton,

Empty and cold in the dark,

Smoldering and bitter in the day.

My soul, down to the womb, is dust.

Nothing to hold on toNothing to live for.

I was left to die.

And I died, nearly twice.

But then

I find the oasis for my soul

In the form of self-worth

In the ways of love

Higher than you could ever phantom

In your shallow, meager existence.

I was nourished by mother earth

Restoring my essence,

Refreshing my spirit,

Revitalizing my melanin.

The fiery desert heat

Stirred in my bowels.

And then I refused the lie.

I refused to cry.

I refused to die. Again.

How does it work?
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Malissa Elaine

I call my poetry and words "SoulSpeak", because that's exactly what they are: my soul speaking to the heavens and touching hearts and minds on the way.

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