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by Alejandra Mora 11 months ago in sad poetry

It knows no race, no gender; it is blind.

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

the wavelength of depression

knows nothing of gender

like a leech it attaches itself to your soul

whenever it pleases its fancy

it has the power to take away sleep

eyes red rimmed

lying awake

craving veiled lids

demons living alongside our sleepless form

having escaped from our nightmares

cruelly reminding us of every fear

every extra pound that makes us hate ourselves

every inch of all the pain

depression can also grant exhaustion at the worst possible time

when work awaits

a meeting has begun without your presence

hungry children crying in the distance

dreams hold onto you

keeping you a hostage to your tangled sheets

your migraine headache

your aching everything

depression paints anger so many colors

they hover around your aura

becoming a cloak over you

masking your true identity

a disguise of different hues

not who you are at all

sadness is born of multiple layers

like bread fresh out of the oven

every piece is too hot and burns everything

depression is easy to hide

from those who know you best

yet it is difficult to forget

when it is






depression is a cycle

depression can last forever

it has no beginning

it has no end

it takes over who you are

it becomes who you are

it becomes you

sad poetry

Alejandra Mora

I am a wife, mother and a self published author. My two poetry chapbooks are available on amazon. My fiction novels are available on Kindle Vella. I am currently editing a novel and a poetry book. I am on instagram @poemsbyalejandra

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