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by Shuntay Wright 7 months ago in social commentary

Expression of being depresed

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Palms trembling butterflies in the belly my heart’s racing and I’m screaming inwardly all of this endlessness of hopelessness drowning in emotional disparity the long loud noise that consumes me day and night and this strenuous urge to be freed of this negative and dark intelligence that haunts me to the Nth degree and yes there is a cry for help to the most high and his spotless creation... yes free of blemish and all... but to the contrary my existence is far from that... the defects of human thought and blemishes that can never be erased... I display juvenile and harmless mis-takes of trials and errors... imperfections that are supposed to be life lessons and all I have is this compass showing I’ve gone south and all is left to go is east west and north so... with no gas or fuel to get me to my next destination how can I find my way to this blissful feeling called happiness... something at arms reach but illusion and denial continues rearing its ugly head with every nerving attempt to escape the harsh realities of pain and sorrow... stuck in this dungeon of the south with music and noise that spells agony and anguish... my head aches of constant disappointment as these nightmares of movies play over and over again and... with every beat of my heart there’s this heaviness that weighs me down.

social commentary

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Shuntay Wright

I write about life experiences in poetry form. I also write short stories.

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