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by Paul Douglas 2 months ago in love poems

Our Journey Of Love - A Poem

Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

Delilah will always have a special place

In our family’s history

Driving our love ever forward

To places full of mystery.


The scent of freshly mown grass

Like a gift upon the summer breeze

Summer sun upon my pale face

Promising a tan to come.


The trickle of a cool clear stream

A blanket upon its perfect banks

Straw hat and sunglasses the order of the day

Sitting with my sun dressed wife.


A picnic with every kind of treat

To warm my hearts memory

Tasty delights with an ice-cold drink

To kick start our reverie.


The campervan parked nearby

On the first day of our honeymoon

Many countries we shall visit along the way

In our moving hotel room.


Our romance perfect on the road

Two gold rings newly forged

A different place each night

To love in a life newly merged.


Delilah guides us on our way

Our trusty steed and home

Bright flowers hand-painted

On its flanks, they bloom.


The best days of our lives

The three of us travelling near and far

Living and loving along the way

Delilah, my wife and I.


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Paul Douglas

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