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Delicate power

by The Fashion Design Academy Company 2 years ago in nature poetry


Distinguish a preference between rain and dew drops

you chalantly propose to me

Could I ?

Should I ?

Make such a telling selection when fairness is unavailable

and truth there could never be?

A bashful nod to each in their distinct and rightful place

is more than sufficient happiness

We can all exist in tranquility

sharing each of our treasures

beaming full of grace

If however the difference between lavender and lilac

is weighing slightly more

I would consider open discussion to alleviate such a delicate chore

One delights and amuses with extra blueness in its veins

The other infuses a fiery red tone of its very own

Carefully and from discreet consideration

so many subtle impressions shy away

Determined to maintain discretion forever and a day

nature poetry

About the author

The Fashion Design Academy Company

See it...hear it...feel the breath of life

From its silence softly whispers

See me in your dreams and secret visions endlessly through the night

In quiet desperation I await your gentle embrace wishing and hoping you can unlock me...

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