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Deeper Than Soulmates

by ReeRee DonDada about a month ago in love poems
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Maybe, He's Forgotten Me...

Deeper Than Soulmates
Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

"He's always going to forever be,

on my mind, for eternity.

He is mine, and I am his.

Hoping for the day he finds me.

Till then, I'm using all my pages like breadcrumbs & footprints,

to leave clues, and give hints,

when he does, find me.

Until he finds me.

And whenever he does.

Please, just know...

I was waiting,

waiting for you.

Patiently waiting, saving myself.

Until we speak, again.

It's like I know this man belongs with me, and I, with him.

Side by side, for eternity.

I swear, we were ancient Egyptians, buried in the same tomb,

and when his ashes turned to dust,

he had no choice but to rise.

He refusing to leave my side,

his soul cried.

And as he faded into the abyss,

into another woman's womb.

I vowed in the tomb,

I'd come back to him.

I know I'm his.

Maybe he's forgot, but I pray he remembers, because it's getting colder without him."

love poems

About the author

ReeRee DonDada

✨Moving In Silence; Minding My Business, In Slow-Mo 💫Yada-Yada✨

I'm here to create, in whatever way I can, whatever way that may look like. I am getting back into writing, so please bear with me.

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