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by Thor Grey (G. Steven Moore) 11 months ago in performance poetry
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Blood in the Water

In Deep


I only want to vent

Before the top blows

I need only eyes to read

For heaven only knows

I’m truly gone

I’m numb

My emotions’ attention,


Nothing good stays

Nothing bad either

No anger delays the train

No joy for me to feign

When nothing lasts long

Hardly any time at all

So numb

So dumb

I’m done,

The knife’s in deep

Don’t worry for me

I meet eternal sleep

Sick of this curse

Sick of the worst

Don’t tread too steep

Nor let your mind wander

Face down in the deep

Of the squander,

This death,

Long awaited

performance poetry

About the author

Thor Grey (G. Steven Moore)

Since 1991, this compassionate writer has grown through much adversity in life. One day it will culminate on his final day on Earth, but until then, we learn something new every day and we all have something to offer to others as well.

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