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Deep connection

by Jeff Krause 8 days ago in love poems

Love can be a sneaky ninja sometimes

Deep connection

I wish there were words

That could accurately describe

The intense mixture of feelings

I have going on inside

This all came out of nowhere

something I did not expect

I didn't know there was this level

On which two people could connect

I thought my standards were too high

All the qualities I want could not fit

Into one single woman.

But you've shown me that they did

I know I'm more than a little weirdct

I've been this way my whole life

I just accepted that I'd be alone

No one could want someone like me, right?

I've never been happy to be wrong

Until now, and because of you

I know I say some crazy things

But I mean them, and they are all true

I could go on and on

And keep writing for forever

Instead I'll end it here with saying

I look forward to our new chapter

love poems
Jeff Krause
Jeff Krause
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Jeff Krause

I’ve been a musician for almost 25 years, that alone could provide story material for days. Life-long depression and drug addiction have had me constantly struggling to survive. But here I am, getting by a day at a time.

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