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by I Omnist about a month ago in inspirational

Excerpt from 'I Omnist'


Twelve-score years ago, a fledgling nation had a dream dedicated and proposing the right that all men are created equal.

Today, I (as well as you) have a dream dedicated now to the proposition that all humans are indeed equal in the world whereupon we share.

That throughout each nation’s history all have known the sting of a questionable past; and that everyone, of each nation, can look within and honestly compare such atrocities.

However, In the lands that we each call home there is indeed a sight we’d each wish to share.

That now, in the face of ideals derived from fear, we can all stand united as a race of humans from all walks of life.

Even lands that have remained in the quiet realms of the world can now equate themselves to the effects of terror used to promote fear and to compromise the unity of one person to another.

Declare for yourself and stand now united in the face of such horrific opposition. Forgive yourself and one-another for the transgressions of time gone by and open your hearts to the wisdom of knowing that one soul taken in vain is as if the world has fallen; and one saved is as if the world thrives. Love thy neighbor and dwell in no confines that boundaries and restrictions imply.

Break-away from a time of fear-mongering and inequality, when levitications and sharia law took advantage of fear of the unknown. Rather, stand together with common sense and moral implications that rights are not given…they are built in our own unique essence…manufactured by an unidentified source that our spirits name God and our sciences seek to know.

Allow not the future generations to look back into history and view us as the predators that took more than they needed and refused to give back. Instead, let them see that we took the steps forward to prove to one-another that each grace we were given we gave back two-fold with unsanctimonious empathy.

Let it now be the time to reconstruct our world from what has collapsed in front of us and hold true the pen is mightier than the sword; and the language barrier be shattered so that we find one-another in social media under one tongue. Emphasizing that our common word is more powerful a piercing of the heart than any bullet, and may we do so with a non-accusing standard among individuals.

One nation under threat and fire is indeed a threat to the world. Under such implications of threat and fire we all recognize a bond in feeling, and that bond will not sever under such duress, only be strengthened in the face of the menace at hand.

“Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work; it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” [unknown] Let us then be the calm for one-another and push through this barrier of division and conflict.

That we see the beauty that resides in each individual, and share this time in history as a world united “in the name of”, and not be torn apart by it.

For one world, (our only world) granted to us by an unaltered source so that we may all dream, share, and harmonize together.

~the Wordsmith~

The Pine Barrens, NJ 11/14/15

I Omnist
I Omnist
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