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December Lights

A drive through Byker, Newcastle on a rainy night in December

By Elsa Michaela | @surfthoughtPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Tonight the pavements glisten

While diamonds fall from the sky

The corrugated factory with its great neon lettering

Picking up the red metallic glow

Of stop motion traffic

A digital picture

As if drawn on a screen


only by the definition of light and shadow

Rich under the gleam of red and amber gold.

A place that by day

In the Northern, spotting grey rain

And abandoned industry

Is quiet in its demeanour un-startling in its awkward beauty,

A cardboard cutout against a laundry sky.

Surviving uncertainly on the outskirts of grand architecture

Mothering the small strung houses

With their inches of yard Enough room for a washing line

And cheerful plastic reindeer

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About the Creator

Elsa Michaela | @surfthought

When you hear a song

One that stops you in your tracks

That seems spoken from your own mind

Do you listen and listen again?

Follow its streams until a tide,

Inside you

Rushes to fill in the small hollow parts

…Yeah, me too

INSTA - @surfthought

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