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Death Haven Decedents

by A.R. Marquez 2 years ago in surreal poetry

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A view from the shadows

Encrusted with filth

rot of the incapable world

Road maps to the pending doom

of a stark decree

Exhaust manifolds

Prism-smeared black puddles

A hellish seesaw of indecorous carnality

Floating down the river


Like a bruise decorating the sky

amongst heavy rain clouds

Watching the transparent allegories spew

from their mouths

Wide open orifices

lashing tongues

Succor embellished with a desire

A hunger

Disdainful decay

amidst impotent embraces

Heaven rejected the pins and needs of their touch

Baleful glances like acid rain

Tiptoeing through the pale faces

Oblivion stares

Promenading with the decedents

All waiting for a ticket to infinity

A black waltz

Severed necks

Bending back and forth

with each soulful death drop

Under the brooding light of an atomic moon

Obsidian wisps of smoke and ire

defacing the night

Commonality never a virtue

Ice picks across the skin

Rising plumes

Covered under dark hail

When it is over

And rhapsodized

over coffee rings on the linoleum

Fried eggs and gnawed citrus rinds

A reliving of a virtuosic bloodletting


Teeth gnashing

A rock-hard tightening

of blood flow and secretions

As the memories float through

in soulful providence

Antagonizing the minutes

Until the next danse macabre

surreal poetry

A.R. Marquez

Adam Ray Marquez was born and raised in Northern California.

He writes and publishes Surreal Free Verse poetry, fiction, and horror-fiction.

He played guitar for Held In Scorn.

Instagram = @xVagrantxGhostx

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A.R. Marquez
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