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Dearly Departed

A poem for anyone who has lost someone

By Alexander BentleyPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Dearly Departed
Photo by Grant Whitty on Unsplash

Dearly departed,

how we loved you

while you were here

Dearly departed,

how we forgot to show

you all our love and all we hold dear

Dearly departed,

what is heaven like

now that you’re gone?

Dearly departed,

we miss everything about

you and your beautiful song

Dearly departed,

at least we have the fond

memories and your smile

We are the dearly departed too

for we have yet to go,

hitherto the Unknown.


This poem first appeared in The Raven Redux & Other Poems (October 2017) by Alexander Bentley.

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About the Creator

Alexander Bentley

Poet, writer and husband. Outside of Vocal, I have over 500k followers on social media. I've published 5 books and love discovering new poems and stories to read.

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