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Dear Reader

a confession

By Daniel IngramPublished 14 days ago Updated 12 days ago 1 min read
Dear Reader
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Dear Reader,

If I ever loved you, just know that I still do.

When the rain taps at my window, and I fall asleep watching the tiny flame of a citrus scented candle,

I will nearly always dream of how you used to speak to me in the words of all your favorite songs.

And it just made sense because, even now, your voice is music to my ears.

Dear Reader,

Though our paths no longer run parallel to each other the way they did when we would play tetris with our fingers,

I still admire your footprints in the sand as though you were holy, and I, devout.

It seems as though it was always cold when I met you, but somehow the heat between us was like summer,

and these days I still blush when I think of all the tender places our lips have traveled together.

Dear Reader,

My skin may have been work thick and callous and hard, but like my thoughts, my heart remains soft,

as though to say, "Welcome home. Here, you can rest."

I'll always keep space just for you and every heavy word of every vulnerable conversation.

Dear Reader,

It's not that I wish to drudge up the past, but rather, that I wish to hang it on my walls because, to me,

you are art, and I know this because no matter how stuck I may ever feel, I am moved by you.

Dear Reader,

Long story short- If you ever loved me,

I hope that you still do.

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  • Linda Marry5 days ago

    I still love you ;)

  • Som Dutt7 days ago


  • VIDHYASAGAR9 days ago

    Excellent 👍🤩

  • Vivin Akshay10 days ago

    See A Glance If You Like Galaxy👉👉https://vocal.media/earth/galaxies-the-universe-s-masterpiece

  • Brenton F11 days ago

    Looking forward to more of your work - its a bit bloody good!

  • Great job 🎯💯❤️❗❗❗ Congratulations on Top Story✌️🎉

  • Ash Taylor11 days ago

    beautiful work

  • Em Starrrrr11 days ago

    Oh wow, this is just gorgeous. Hearted and subscribed, my friend. Beautiful work!

  • Dori H.11 days ago

    I hope you realize that you are brilliant!

  • Amanda H12 days ago

    Well, this made my cry. Good work! Wow so full of emotion!

  • Devyn Marie 12 days ago

    brought tears to my eyes. Thank you

  • How romantic!

  • Jason Basaraba12 days ago

    I am a strong believer in picture enhancing the story. Yours was perfect as are your words. Visual and beautiful

  • Heather Hubler12 days ago

    Wow, you have a beautiful way with words, such talent. This was filled with so many memorable lines, but I think this was my favorite, 'that I wish to hang it on my walls because, to me, you are art'. Congrats on the Top Story, you've got a new subscriber :)

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