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Dear life!

by test 5 months ago in inspirational
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You never think of man

Dear life!
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Dear Life.

You are the most difficult puzzle.

I can't understand you completely,No one will.

You are the sweetest one because you give multiple chances to understand you....To take you seriously you.....

But you are the one who take every thing with one moment...and Leave nothing but a hollow soul.

You make man stronger day by day and weaker too.

Why are you so much difficult?

Even some people don't ever dare to take a moment and ask you Who are you?

People hesitate to deal with you.

They are afraid of you.

You are the cruel.

You are the sympathetic.

But who are you?

You are the one who flies person beyond the sky and crushes man.

You can bend the strongest person and lift the weakest one.

You never think of man.......

You never wait for man.......


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