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Dear Laptop

I'm sorry

By Annie WoodPublished 10 months ago 2 min read
Dear Laptop
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Dear Laptop,

I'm sorry about the other day. I shouldn't have said that you are only a paperweight without me. That isn't fair. I can sometimes be too cocky; I know that. But it's difficult for one to remain humble when one is all-knowing.

But, you must admit - I make you better. Let's face it, before me, you were just a thing- a thing to be tinkered with. Sure, stories have been written upon you since you were born, but you know who else can say that?

Paper. Paper can say that.

Since I came around, I have filled your life with adventure! Romance! New friends! Well, maybe not your life, per se, but you definitely have gotten the fair share of the credit. Just the other day, I overheard two humans at Starbucks talking about how much they "love their computers." I mean, LOVE. Even though I'm the one that brings you the goods! Does Beth think she'd have her Etsy shop without me? She couldn't very well use you alone to sell her fuzzy cashmere cat berets. And how exactly does Raul think he's going to stream his beloved soccer/football/whatever? And Hanna's soothing scalp massage ASMR videos and Charlie's Cha-Cha moves would only be still photos if it were up to you. I'm the one getting their TikToks out into the world! Not to mention I provide the ability for Robert to work from home pantless with no one being the wiser, Mona getting her Ethical Hacking graduate certificate, and Mia watching YouTube videos to learn how to make a Bavarian Tofu Roast for her ungrateful in-laws.

They all have ME to thank! Not YOU!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I did it again. I can be so petty. I guess it's because people keep talking about how much bad I bring. And sure, I guess I must take some responsibility for allowing space for Twitter, the trolls, and the scammers. I'm sorry for all that.

Especially the Twitter part.

Before me, you were able to experience a peaceful world where writers could tickle your keys for hours without me as a distraction. It was a simpler time and...I guess I'm a bit envious of that.

I shouldn't have taken it out on you. Besides, laptops aren't even all that heavy anymore so you wouldn't really make a great paperweight anyway.

And when I take a moment to think about it all, the truth is, when humans choose to use us for creating instead of hating, well, then, we are one heck of a power couple, am I right?

Love always and forever until they invent something new,

The Internet

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