Dear Inner Child

by Fjona Aziri about a month ago in inspirational

If we ever knew...

Dear Inner Child

Dear younger me,

I write to you today because I can find no better way to tell you; I know you still live inside of me, dear child of mine. We have been through so much together and smiled at life because we both knew this storm would one day subside.

It's funny how we think life is one way and then it turns out to be the other, much like a river that flows uphill, it makes no sense yet we just let it drag us through the valley.

A flower is the earth smiling, so contagious that we can't help but to do the same. Sweet child, I know how many times you've been in pain and how many more will follow. I also know that everything you will endure is worth it, for today we have fallen in love.

Dear younger me, you don't know how lucky we are that we found the feeling that makes the world go round and around. My eyes have opened and I regret letting you go. Today, I will listen to you, and we will both be children for a day again. We will watch cartoons and have an ice-cream sundae. It has been so long since we both laughed like we have today.

Sweet child, we are finally not alone, for we have found love in the eyes and heart of another, and he will never let us go. We can fly above the clouds and close our eyes for we will never fall again.

Dearest me, I cannot thank you enough for your strength, that we found our way to endure until the day everything finally changed for the better.

I hold this sunflower in my hands and gently caress its petals, just as he caresses my heart and soul. A beautiful thing that thrives more in its soil than cut and put in a vase. And just like a sunflower, we found our daily light that charges us with love and life.

Dear younger me, thank you for being by my side, and I will never let you go for you and I are one, and I need you once again to hold the hand of the one we call our dearest love.

Fjona Aziri
Fjona Aziri
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