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Dear Genevieve

Love poem

By Caleb GoldPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Dear Genevieve
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Beloved Genevieve, in this realm of love divine,

Every thought, passion, and delight intertwine,

Stirring the depths of my mortal frame,

As ministers to the sacred flame.

In waking dreams, I relive that blissful hour,

When amidst the mount, by a ruined tower,

Bathed in moonshine and twilight's glow,

You stood there, my hope, my joy, my love's true beau.

Leaned against the armored knight's noble stance,

You listened to my ballad's sweet romance,

Amid the lingering light's tender caress,

Your presence brought my heart to pure excess.

For you, my love, my Genevieve so fair,

Whose sorrows are few, whose soul I hold dear,

You cherish me most when my songs unfold,

Those melodies that make your heartache unfold.

Softly, I played a melancholic air,

Singing an ancient tale, somber and rare,

A rugged song that matched the ruin's embrace,

Wild and weathered, a perfect dwelling place.

Blushing softly, your eyes cast down with grace,

You knew well that I couldn't help but trace,

The contours of your visage, a captivating sight,

A face that stole my gaze with sheer delight.

I narrated the tale of a knight so bold,

Whose shield bore a brand of fire, untold,

For ten long years, he sought the Lady fair,

In pursuit of love, a quest beyond compare.

I told of his pining and his despair,

The depth of his voice, pleading, low, and rare,

Through singing of another's ardent love,

My own feelings found a voice, high above.

Again, you listened, cheeks adorned with blush,

Eyes downcast, a modest demeanor, a hush,

And in that moment, you forgave my gaze,

Knowing my adoration, lost in your maze.

Then, I revealed the cruel scorn he faced,

Which left the gallant knight wholly disgraced,

Across the mountain woods, he relentlessly roamed,

No respite by day or night, forever combing.

From savage dens and shadows deep and wide,

Emerging abruptly in glades of green, sunlit pride,

An angel, radiant and beautiful, did appear,

Yet, he knew it was a fiend, his heart filled with fear.

Unknowingly, he leaped amidst a murderous band,

Saving the Lady of the Land, hand in hand,

She wept, clasping his knees, her devotion grand,

Tending him in vain, trying to understand.

Nursing him in a hidden cave's embrace,

His madness subsided, leaving no trace,

Upon yellow forest leaves, his life did ebb,

A dying man, at peace, no longer an emotional web.

As I reached the tenderest strains of the song,

My voice faltered, my harp's strings strung along,

Her soul stirred with pity, moved by the tale,

A fusion of music and sorrow, a love so frail.

Soul and senses harmonized within my dear Genevieve,

The melancholy melody, the tale that made her grieve,

In the balmy evening's embrace, hope ignited anew,

Unfathomable desires, cherished and subdued.

She wept with compassion and delight intertwined,

Blushing with love, a virgin's shy pride enshrined,

Her whispered breath, like a murmuring dream,

Calling out my name, a heavenly theme.

Her bosom rose and fell with emotions untamed,

Aware of my gaze, she stepped, yet unashamed,

With timid eyes, she sought refuge by my side,

Finding solace in tears that she could no longer hide.

Her arms enveloped me, a meek embrace so tender,

Pressing against my chest, a love to surrender,

Her head leaned back, and she looked above,

Into my eyes, transfixed by the depths of our love.

A blend of love, fear, and bashful art,

She wished for me to feel, rather than to impart,

The swelling of her heart, a symphony of desire,

A moment of unity, our souls set on fire.

I calmed her worries, and tranquility she found,

With virgin pride, her love's confession did resound,

And thus, I claimed my Genevieve, my radiant bride,

In the embrace of eternal love, forever side by side

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  • Real Poetic4 months ago

    Genevieve sounds incredibly lucky. Great poem.

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