Dear Amsterdam

by Keegan Roembke 8 months ago in love poems

You have me.

Dear Amsterdam

Amsterdam dancing with my soul

Can we call for a moment, lovely

Amsterdam, please pick up the phone

Under bridges

Along dancers

We were never there

together at least

That's where I imagine us

Becoming intertwined

in staggered rows

a passive and open voice

to a wiser repose

on the 5th of May

On the street with smoking mouths

Whispering rolling, fleeting sounds

A man on an iron-guarded porch before

a hidden cafe - with coffee and conversation

to start their day - they can be read

as James Joyce in May

carefully and intently

A young lady unlocks her bike near the water

She lifts her flowered satin dress on top the white seat

and she sets off - to where, only she knows

I sit and wonder

Where she goes

Three young men, long hair, intellectually un-bare

Glasses to match, locked in graceful dialogue only

slightly discernible to my American ears

Dear Amsterdam,

I am amused and charmed.

I'd say you have me, but I don't decide

You take certain ones into watchful arms

with an embrace reaching into the soul

love poems
Keegan Roembke
Keegan Roembke
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