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by N. Thomas 9 months ago in heartbreak
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My passport arrived

Photo by Amanda Bartel on Unsplash

My passport finally came when I checked the mail today

It got me daydreaming about world travels and local getaways

Snapping pictures wherever we go, making memories, collecting souvenirs

Playing carnival games and riding the Ferris wheel on Navy Pier

Seeing new places, experiencing new cultures, trying new cuisines

Listening to live jazz and watching the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans

Losing our voices cheering at concerts of all our favorite bands

Watching dolphins in San Diego then driving up to watch fireworks at Disneyland

Ziplining down the strip in Vegas and losing some money in the casino

Taking a relaxing cruise then walking hand-in-hand down the beaches of Mexico

Seeing the lights of New York and kissing as we watch the ball drop

Taking a train through all of Europe and spending a day or two at every stop

Hitting the slopes in Chile, Carnival in Brazil, and seeing the ruins in Peru

Going on safari in Rwanda, seeing the parks, having a picnic by Lake Kivu

Looking at the castles in Japan and strolling through the cherry blossom trees

Or just going to Sedona and staying in bed all weekend at a cozy B&B

Traveling the world together, taking road trips, or catching a flight

Or just laying in our backyard gazing up at the stars and talking all night

Touring the Taj Mahal, exploring the pyramids of Egypt, aquaventures in Dubai

Or bundled up drinking cocoa as we watch auroras dance across the sky

We'll be so happy, and one day you'll get down on one knee, and when I say yes, you'll kiss me like I've never been kissed

But I'm just daydreaming again, my travel budget is running on empty, and I remembered that you don't actually exist


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