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Day by Day

by Kearra Hale 2 years ago in heartbreak
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Day by Day

I always wondered what love was.

Never really shown

Only what pain does

Until I met you

My life changed forever

Became a strong women

Felt so much better

Everything so perfect

then goes away

to come back around again

Day by Day

Broken pieces fall

we all move along

Knew our love was strong

But never admitted

Only to what was wrong

On your way back

You try running to me

Although you slip away

And he takes you away from me

Now I am alone

Confused, lost ...

Where is your soul..?

How could our love go

The true love at last

The memories we had

Now stuck in the past

Until my time to see you again

Do not forget me

For you were my only bestfriend..

Day by Day

I’ll think about you

And how you loved me

And showed me the truth

The urge to see you now is crazy

Some day I hope to see my baby :(


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Kearra Hale

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