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Day & Night

by Blank Fairwind 2 years ago in sad poetry
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romantic, yet hopeless


She claims she is fed up, that she cant take it anymore

Yet she never rests, never lets go of the laughs

Sometimes she pretends that she wants to die

But you’d never see a loss of spark in her eye

She doesn't ask for much more than a hand to hold

If only that protected her from the pain she endures

By her actions you would believe her to be invincible

Words are many, and the important ones fall on deaf ears

It’s a crazy little thing, succinct, sudden

Angelic notes are sung in a lonely hall

Lullabies, classic songs that soothe the innocent

And unknowingly, the damaged alike

Dancing in the moonlight of her life, maybe for just a moment


The brightest of them burn out fast

Low fidelity to those around her

She says that nothing matters, nothing lasts ,

You always have a choice to leave

And I guess I always knew it would be this way

The sudden loss of love doesn’t hurt as badly

When you remind yourself that…

To her, everything is expendable

So are you

And so that love goes

And so that dream of a future leaves

Yet a single metallic irony remains

You can’t choose to leave

She's embedded herself into your life

Your goals

Your dreams

She's there to stay

Possibility to be continued.

For now, night is here to stay.

sad poetry

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Blank Fairwind

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