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Dark Night

Lyrics with no melody.

By Jennifer DoscherPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Dark Night
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

You’re close now, so close now

Closer to dawn than to dusk

You, the warrior spirit, will walk

Through this dark night of the soul

To reach the light that awaits you

What you seek is seeking you

And I’ll be right here waiting

To walk by your side in the light

Partners in time, and in life

Shed the scorched exoskeleton

And regrow with yet more strength

You’ve crawled out of hell

Spent purgatory trying and testing

Your hope and resolve

A scorpion navigating a desert

But as cold shadows cool your skin

Another molting begins

This time, new form, powerful wings

You, the phoenix, will rise to

Follow the dawn, Wind at your call

Know I’ll never cage you

It’d chain me to the same iron

And we both need to fly

Moths to each other’s flame

You’re so close now, so close

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About the Creator

Jennifer Doscher

Every detail creates a larger image, just as letters create words, notes create chords, and even the most subtle nuance creates or changes the relationship of one to another.

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