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Daring Dreams Dancing

Delightful Dalliance of Drifting Desires

By Michael Published 3 months ago 1 min read
Daring Dreams Dancing
Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

Daring dreams do dance, deeply divine,

Drenched in desire, daring design.

Delightful dalliance, daringly done,

Dazzling display, dynamic and fun.

Dizzying depths, delightfully dark,

Drifting downstream, daringly stark.

Dancing desires, daring and true,

Daydreams drifting, drenched in dew.

Darling dove, delicate and dainty,

Dancing deftly, with divine dignity.

Drifting dandelions, dancing in air,

Dazzling diamonds, everywhere.

Darkness descends, deeply and slow,

Drenched in dreams, a daring glow.

Daring to dream, in the dead of night,

Drifting in delight, until the light.


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This writer brings characters and worlds to life with vivid descriptions and compelling narratives. They transport readers to different times and places, leaving them longing for more.

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