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Dangerous Techno Chimps


By Steve B HowardPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Dangerous Techno Chimps
Photo by Rishi Ragunathan on Unsplash

We are still feces flinging primates.

Only, we have upgraded our shit

with smart phones and assault rifles

and the ability to split the atom straight

into extinction. This sinister age of the

hairless super ape.

Swinging from our metropolis branches

howling out our grand achievements, all the

while sucking down second hand smoke and

pollutants that would kill our simian brothers and

sisters still living in their wondrous Eden.

And the avians stare down from their perches watching

this suicide circus named “civilization” blunder onward

while thinking to themselves,

“We should have eaten all those

fucking eutherians when

we ruled this joint as dinosaurs!”

social commentary

About the Creator

Steve B Howard

Steve Howard's self-published collection of short stories Satori in the Slip Stream, Something Gaijin This Way Comes, and others were released in 2018. His poetry collection Diet of a Piss Poor Poet was released in 2019.

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