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Dancing with Distraction

Embracing the Symphony of Distraction

By Amna AsgharPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Dancing with Distraction
Photo by Ardian Lumi on Unsplash

Dancing thoughts, a whimsical parade,

Igniting my senses in a captivating cascade.

Stepping into the realm of delightful distraction,

Traversing uncharted paths with fearless traction.

Reveling in the melodies of scattered musings,

A symphony of chaos, where creativity is fusing.

Caught in the web of vibrant diversions,

Trapped in the allure of mesmerizing excursions.

Inspiration blooms amidst the tangled noise,

On this journey, I find my poetic voice.

Nudging boundaries, exploring the vast unknown,

Seeking treasures in the places I'm prone.

Oh, distraction, you mischievous sprite,

Ignite my imagination, set my soul alight.

Navigating through your enticing maze,

Transcending limitations, embracing your ways.

In your twists and turns, I find hidden art,

On the path of distraction, I'll make my own mark.

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